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General FAQ

Tax authorities request money not to be payed without an invoice, so we will also need an invoice for eventually occurring advance payment. Is this possible?

Yeah, Not a problem at all.

Do you sign an NDA (non disclosure agreement)?


How can we pay: Amex, Mastercard, Paypal?

We use paypal basic as our default payment system. So you can pay us using your paypal account or using your credit card supported on paypal. Also support Payoneer, TransferGo & Wire Transfer direct to our bank.

What is your hourly basis rates?

10 USD per hour

What if we are not satisfied with your service?

If you are not satisfied by our service we guarantee to issue you a full refund when you request.

Give a brief introduction about your work style?

We are available 24 X 7 for friendly and customer support in all working days.
If you require time-line adjustments, we can look into the possibility of speed up delivery and possibly weekend work.

How much time usually you take to accomplish a project?

The required time depends on complexity, nature of action and size of your project. Thus, we cannot give you a prior commitment regarding the time taken by us.

Website Development FAQ

Can you let us know the average website development TAT (Turnaround Time) once the PSD files have been delivered to you?

Turnaround time for website development may vary because it will depend on the intricacy of your design. Generally, we need a day for the Homepage & 4 Hours for every simple inner page.

What do I need to provide you for PSD to WordPress conversion?

We require only the web page design of your website and you can provide it in any of these formats, PSD, PNG, AI & JPEG. But, if you send us layered PSD file, then it would be good as PSD is considered the best format for WordPress conversion.

Do you incorporate "search engine" friendly elements while designing the websites?

We firmly believe in standard coding. Thus, we always pursue proven guidelines of SEO semantic coding in order to work according to your needs and deliver you SEO friendly website.

Can you do Design+HTML+Integration+Installation completely in one package?

Yes, we do all these in one package. Also FYI, if we are doing Design+HTML+Integration then installation of website on your server is always free of charge.

how much you cost for installing the website once the development complete?

If we have developed your website. We will not charge any bucks for installing this website on your server. But you just came to us and requesting to install any website on any server. we will just charge your $50 USD for installation.

Does your work include a support for IE6?

Yes, we develop IE6 compatible websites. But FYI, as this process requires extra efforts and time, we charge a few extra bucks to build your IE6 compatible website.

How long does it take to have a website developed and launched?

It depends on the complexity of the website but for a simple 5 page website it normally take 5 days including HTML conversion.

CMS Related FAQ

I have an HTML website, but I want to be converted it into WordPress. Can you help on this?

Sure, we can help you get a fully converted WordPress website as we are experienced in HTML to WordPress conversion.

What is your average delivery time for responsive website development?

Average delivery time is 2 working days, but it may vary according to the design and length of your website.

Is there any cost for CMS installation even if I am availing responsive website development service?

No, the installation of responsive website is being done at free of cost only if the site has been developed by us.

What does custom WordPress template development cost?

The cost of custom template development may vary depending on your complex custom needs.

Order & Payment Related FAQ

Do you offer discounts on two or more projects submitted at once?

We can provide you flat 25% discount on your second project if you will submit at the same time or in any future date.

Do you provide invoice for payment/transaction?

Yes, we do provide invoice to you for any transaction you made to us on paypal or in our bank using wire transfer if you request us.

What are the different modes of accepting the payment?

We have different modes of payment. You can pay us via Paypal, Credit Cards, Payoneer, TransferGo & Wire Transfer direct to our bank account.

What are the accepted payment policies you follow?

We pursue 4 tier payment policy, including: If you want us to work on your server directly or send all the updated files every time to show you or if you just want us to send the final file as the task is done without any wait of payment approval, then it would be necessary for you to pay complete upfront cost in advance. 100% upfront payment would be required if you order any project of amount lesser than $100 USD. Only 10% upfront amount is essential if the cost of your order lies in between $100 USD to $500 USD. If your value exceeds $500 USD, then the required amount to pay would be 50% upfront cost of the project.

Hire Dedicated Developer FAQ

What are the areas of specialization of your developers?

They possess efficiency in WordPress customization, conversion, migration, web development, integration, plugin development, theme development, maintenance & support.

Can I hire your wordpress developer on hourly basis?

Yes, you can hire our dedicated developer on hourly basis, only if our timezone matches to yours.

Do you offer flexible hiring options across all timezone?

Yes, you can hire our developer in accordance with your comfort timezone, but it will add a cost to hire. It would be at least 1 month’s dedicated hiring for full time.

How much industry experience your developers have?

We are backed by dedicated developers, who have experience of 1 to 5 & above years, but we prefer to assign 5 years of experienced developer to handle the client’s requirements. If we talk about profiles, then they are designated as Project Leaders, Assistant Developers, Project Coordinators, Project Managers and Software Developers.

What is the time limit to hire dedicated developer?

Minimum 1 months commitment period is required and there is no limit for maximum time period hiring.

Hosting Related FAQ

Do you also offer hosting services to host cms or ecommerce websites?

Yes, We have tested and reviewed many hosting companies for our past clients and we have vast experience with most of the hosting services available on the internet from that list we can definitely recommend you few best web hosting services. From which you can choose your hosting partner.

Can I choose you to design mysite and use my own web hosting?

Yes sure, You can choose our agency to design & develop your website and you can use you existing web hosting to host your website. But in case you don’t have one we can definitely recommend you one best as per our experience.

Client Asked Questions

I would like to meet your representative in the USA/EUROPE. Is it possible?

Yes, you can meet our representative in the USA/EUROPE, but we would appreciate if you inform us beforehand so that we could arrange the meeting.

Is it possible to increase our existing website's speed?

Yes, it is. But it can be confirmed only after the thorough analysis of the website as apart from the code, other factors also contribute to the speed of the website. We have a team of experts who will guide you through the entire process.

I require the completed project in the least possible time! How can I expedite that?

If you require fast completion of the project, you should let us know immediately. We will look into the possibility of expedited delivery and let you know.

How fast you guys reply on CQR meter Quote?

Normally, we respond to it within 24 hours because sometimes project scope takes time. If you are sending CQR quote in working hours and mentioning that it is urgent then we take that request on urgent basis.

Do you have any offers for agency customers?

Yes, we have the separate agency rates, so please shoot an email and then, one of our Business Development Guy will contact you with all required details.

Do you offer PSD to WordPress Genesis framework child theme implementation?

Yes, we offer Genesis Framework and even we did several projects using this. We have examples ready, so you can contact us to know more about it.

Is there any additional charges for the installation of files on our server?

No, if we did your project, so there is no additional charges, But, if you have completed project by your own and now looking for the support to get it installed on your server, then it will cost you extra.

I have few projects in queue, so is it possible to engage SK in whole December? I hope you guys will work or you will also be on holidays. Projects are really important for me.

Yes, we will be working in December and if you have projects, then you can discuss your requirements with us and we will schedule them properly and that will be completed as per specific schedule. As SK is always here to give 100% values and support to our clients and we understand the importance of our client’s project.

What screen dimensions should you require for responsive website design?

For a responsive website design, please first make sure that your designs should have these screen dimensions: For Desktops – 1024px, Tablets – 1024x768p (landscape) and 768×1024 (portrait), Mobile devices – 480×320 (landscape) and 320×480 (portrait).

I have existing HTML site do you offer service to convert it in Responsive CMS/eCommerce.

Yes, we require html website credentials and we will convert it in Responsive CMS/eCommerce.

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